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    Our Academic Journal Management Model

    After more than fifteen years’ experience in open access publishing, in 2015 the UOC’s Publications Committee approved an institutional protocol establishing the management model for scholarly journals. This protocol brings together all the criteria and the organizational model necessary to guarantee the quality of the journals, which in turn contributes to improving and increasing their impact.

    Values and tools

    Editorial quality

    The UOC aims to provide all the tools needed to guarantee a timely delivery and compliance with quality standards following the criteria promoted by the leading national and international agencies. The elements included in this model are: definition of a strategic plan, composition of the editorial team, definition of the peer review process, the quality plan and the editorial production plan.

    Legal framework

    Regarding the legal framework, UOC journals are published in accordance with the principles of open access policies and are subject to a code of ethics and plagiarism detection process as well as a conflict-of-interest policy and are covered by the UOC’s privacy and data protection policy.

    In addition, and in accordance with Spanish legislation, the authors that publish in our journals assign their copyright and operate exclusively within the UOC. However, all content is published under Creative Commons licenses, preferably Attribution (CC BY 3.0).

    Coordinated management

    The management model is structured to create an organized and coordinated cross-disciplinary team, with the collaboration of agents such as the editorial teams and academic directors, the Publications Committee, Library Services for Research, the Legal Office and an extended supplier network of publishers, librarians and computer technicians.