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    About UOC R&I Open Access Journals

    The UOC started publishing open access journals in 1999. At the moment, there are six digital open access journals focused on different fields of expertise and research that interact with information and communication technologies.

    Our aims

    To ensure standards of the highest quality, the UOC R&I Open Access Journals are managed by the UOC Library, working closely with their main stakeholders – scholarly publishers, legal and economic departments,  authors, suppliers and readers – in order to provide them with publishing services that support their research needs and to guarantee quality and excellence.

    We work towards clear objectives, tailoring services to individual journal needs and goals. We provide expert advice to ensure each journal’s continued and optimal development, based on the “Institutional protocol for scientific journals” approved by the Research and Innovation Committee on October 2015. This support includes:

    Impact and visibility of UOC R&I open access journals

    Library staff team

    Clara Riera, Director of Library Services for Research

    Maria Boixadera, Publishing Coordinator

    Elsa Corominas, Managing Editor

    Neus Milán, Indexing Manager

    Oriol Solé, Managing Editor

    Publications Committee

    Marta Aymerich, President of the Publications Committee and Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

    Lluís Rius, Director of Communications. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya