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No 13 (2013): Media art history/stories

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Once again – words and things PDF (Español) PDF PDF (Català) ePUB (Español) ePUB ePUB (Català)
Anna Rodríguez Granell, Pau Alsina


Media art history/stories PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Pau Alsina (Coord.)
Utopias of Technological Art: The State of the Question Fifty Years On PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
José Ramón Alcalá Mellado, Vicente Jarque Soriano
Digital Humanities, Digital Art History and Artistic Culture: Relationships and Disconnections PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Nuria Rodríguez Ortega
The University of Madrid Computer Centre. Creativity and Technology in Spanish Universities in the 1960s PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Aramis López Juan
The Latin American Electroacoustic Music Archive ... Ten Years on PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Ricardo Dal Farra
Media Art in Latin America and Fabián Taranto’s “Search in Progress”: Politics, Participation and Memory PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Valentina Montero, Vanina Hofman
Reporte del proyecto: Invenciones en los bordes de la Historia PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Andres E Burbano
Historizing Bioart, or the Methodological Challenges of (Media) Art History PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Daniel López del Rincón, Lourdes Cirlot
Representing the Microscopic: New Ecological Thinking in Art and Science PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Roberta Buiani
Art and Science: Convergence in the Framework of Complexity Theory PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Lucía Haydée Stubrin
The Trans-subjective Look: Conversations with Roy Ascott at the First Cyberculture and New Media Art Symposium PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Raquel Caerols Mateo
Topologies of Art in the Information Age PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Sandra Alvaro
[art–feminism–technology]: laboratories of citizenship PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Maia Creus Castellana
Collecting Intangibles: Marketing Strategies for Net art Works PDF (Español) ePUB (Español)
Pau Waelder
Imaginative Rationalisation and Speculative Archiving. Thoughts about language in media art database archives. PDF (Español) PDF ePUB (Español) ePUB
Nina Wenhart

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